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Terms & Conditions

The client acknowledges that City Sniffers Dog Walking allows dogs to play and interact directly in off leash areas, unless clearly stated on the registration form that they are to be kept on leash. The client further acknowledges that due to this, injuries to pets may occur. 


The client agrees that City Sniffers will not be held liable for any illness or injury. Furthermore, the client expressly waives any and/or all claims against City Sniffers and its employees for any loss, injury or illness to their pet or their property while in the care of City Sniffers.


City Sniffers Dog Walking agrees to providing services in a reliable, sanitary, trustworthy and safe manner, putting the needs and care of your dog at the highest priority. 


The client agrees to highlight any known behavioural/aggression problems that their pet has with other animals, toys, food, humans and items. The client is solely responsible for any injury, illness or harm caused by their pet while in the care of City Sniffers.


Furthermore, City Sniffers reserves the rights to refuse to take any dog if they are demonstrating any inappropriate, abnormal behaviour at the time of pick up as well as during any adventures. This also includes behaviour that has been mentioned to the owner but no measure has been taken to correct it or the owner has ignored this behaviour. 


City Sniffers may stop or suspend the service at any time that a dog poses danger to the safety and health of itself, other dogs/pets and other people. If this is preventing City Sniffers from further service with this dog, the owner will be contact immediately for alternative arrangements. 


City Sniffers reserves the rights to refuse to take any dog if they show signs of illness and/or are taking medication for any contagious and transmissible virus, illness or sickness. 


The client understands that all pets accepted must be in good general health and veterinarian information (including vaccinations) must be sighted during the initial meet and greet, and upon any changes. Pets must be on a flea and tick prevention program whilst in the care of City Sniffers. Under no circumstances will City Sniffers, or its employees, be held responsible for Paralysis Tick, Canine Influenza, injury, death, loss or damages of any kind that may occur to any animal while in the care of City Sniffers.


Should a pet become ill or injured while under the care of City Sniffers, we reserve the right to administer the appropriate first aid, and , if necessary, seek veterinary help. Any expenses that are incurred become the responsibility of the client. City Sniffers will attempt to contact the pets own vet, however we reserve the right to transport the pet to another if needed.


The client agrees to pay any invoiced amount within 14 days of the invoice being issued. Any invoices not paid within 14 days shall accrue interest daily at the lesser of rate of 12% percent per annum calculated daily.


Any walks cancelled after 3pm the night before will be charged the full rate. There is no charge for walks cancelled prior to this. If we are unable to gain access to the dog on the day, the walk will still be charged at the full rate.

If walks are cancelled due to weather conditions, these walks will be made up the following week.


It is preferred that clients supply keys at the meet and greet session and if unable to do so alternative arrangements to be discussed during the consultation. 

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